• The Briles Group

    The BRILES Group is a group comprising three separate entities: Parent, The Briles Information Network, Video Impressions, and the Briles Information Radio Network.

    BRILES INFORMATION NETWORK is a genealogy web site with support from Video Impressions and the B.I.R.N. Visit each slide to learn more about each and don't forget to visit each individual site! The Briles Group: Providing the best information, all around the world!

  • Briles Information Network

    The Briles Information Network is the parent entity of Briles Media Production. Since 1993, the BIN has provided genealogy information and research for the Briles surname. The databases house over 23,000 names which can be searched free of charge! Information is gathered and added everyday with research continuing on various projects. Death notices are posted once received and announce on several media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, BIN Podcasts, and the Briles Information Radio Network. The BIN strives on accuracy, reliability, and courtesy....all with the mission of: "Promoting genealogy research and the preservation of family history."

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  • Briles Information Radio Network

    The Briles Information Radio Network is a Streaming Internet Radio Station which started in 2013. The B.I.R.N. supports the mission of the Briles Information Network with quality programming and information. With live content, interviews, classical music, old time radio shows and more, the B.I.R.N. is poised to make radio history with the only 24-hour Genealogy radio station. Lucky's Losers, a syndicated sports show is also part of the BIRN. Still in it's infancy, the station is working on a new page and server which will allow the mission to expand with flexibility. Stay tuned for new & exciting things coming from the Briles Information Radio Network!

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  • Briles Information Network

    Video Impressions provides video production to the Briles Information Network. History shows, short films, documentaries, music videos, and reunions are just small sample of what VI contributes to the mission! VI also offers to the public and private clients services such as:

  • Briles Information Network

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