United States Army 1983-1987

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I was in the US Army from 1983-1987 and was stationed in Bad Kreuznach, West Germany and Fort Stewart, Georgia. I was a 72E (Telecommunications-Signal Corp) which is no longer in use by the military. In short, while I was in Germany we never went to the field. I worked office hours and toured Europe mostly. My unofficial title amongst my fellow soliders was "beer tester". We did a lot of drinking in Germany, but had a great time there! The picture above was taken in front of the Berlin Wall in 1985. This area is where people attempted to escape the East side by jumping the fence. They were executed by the East German guards. You can see the guard tower, which is occupied, behind the wall. If you are in the military or have served in the Armed Forces, thank you for your service to our great country! PRO PATRIA VIGILANS!


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