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Adam Briles has been a producer and director in the magazine, documentary and reality arenas for over 14 years. Adam produced/directed the first 8 seasons of the CBS hit franchise, SURVIVOR. And to date, he has received 3 Primetime Emmy nominations (Survivor: Africa, Survivor: Thailand & Survivor: All-Stars) and won 2 People's Choice Awards (Survivor: Thailand & Survivor: Pearl Islands). He was nominated for "Non-Fiction Producer of the Year" by the Producers Guild of America for the Survivor: Pearl Islands series. His season premiere of the Survivor: All-Stars series was one of the most watched entertainment programs of the year drawing over 33 million viewers.

During hiatus periods on Survivor, Adam served as the Senior Producer on FOX's surprise hit, Joe Millionaire. The series concluded with a record-breaking 40 million viewers tuning in to its final episode. His "Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath" Special which aired a week after the finale was the highest rated Special in FOX history with 32 million viewers.

After wrapping up editing on Survivor: All-Stars, Adam took over the creative helm on the critically acclaimed NBC/Mark Burnett/Dreamworks reality series, The Contender, with Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard. The Contender went on to be nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards in both cinematography and picture editing.

Following The Contender, Adam served as Executive Producer and Director on the big-budget FOX/Rocket Science production, Legacy. He also serves as an Executive Consultant for ESPN Original Entertainment, having taken over several troubled productions as Showrunner.

In 2007, Adam produced Bullrun, Spike TV's most ambitious original program to date, where he was Executive Producer and Showrunner. Bullrun followed teams in their own exotic and modified cars in a competitive 4000 mile road-rally across the country.

Most recently, he developed the creative model and concept for Out Of The Wild: The Alaska Experiment for the Discovery Channel. Out Of The Wild was the highest budget series for the network in 2008 being shot entirely on location in the Alaskan interior. In addition to creating the creative premise and approach, Adam served as Executive Producer and Showrunner in the field.

Adam has been involved in many other high profile and successful television enterprises, having directed the taped segments for CBS's all-new Star Search with Arsenio Hall and serving as Consulting Producer on the FOX reality series, Mr. Personality. He also directed 6 segments for the TBS series Worst Case Scenario based on the best-selling book by the same name.

He has extensive international and travel experience, producing and/or directing; 26 half-hours of On The Loose... In Wildest Africa for Catalyst Entertainment and The Travel Channel, 4 one hour episodes of Quest: Man's Search For His Identity for Fox Lorber/TriStar, 5 corporate films for Conservation Corporation, Reumech, and Barlow Ltd. in South Africa and 2 network commercials for Standard Bank and Barlow Ltd. SA.

He has spent entire years out of country as field producer/director for Paramount Studio's network syndication hit, Wild Things. He produced/directed over 81 wildlife magazine/reality segments for the weekly series in Africa, Southeast Asia, China and North America.